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Below you will some find the main topics within the course.

If you’re new to SMC, then visit this Playlist of videos before viewing the LSM content.

Traders Road Map
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Phase 1

Hyper Learning

Creation of course notes

Check understanding

Phase 2

Back Testing

Forward Testing

Demo Trading

Live Trading.

Phase 3

Prop Funding Trials

Prop Funding Challenge

Secure Funding

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LSM with Hyper Learning
  • First, watch without note-taking.
  • Next, re-watch and take notes.
  • Apply knowledge to charts and use Discord for clarification.
Don’t skip this vital step!


Trading psychology mastery is essential for success, often overlooked by traders.


If you’re a serious trader, then you should take Psychology seriously too!

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Weekly Forecasts.


Be prepared for the week ahead. Watch top down analysis of the pairs being traded

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Learning Session.


Adhoc lessons covering additional topics requested by community members

Trading Session Hours


New York