Becoming a Funded Trader by following the SMT FX Roadmap

A step-by-step roadmap towards becoming a funded trader

SMT FX Roadmap

Phase 1
Progressive Learning Phase
• Hyper Learning
• Creation of Course notes
• Check-ins with Coaches


Phase 2
Implementation Phase
woman in black and white striped long sleeve shirt standing near glass window
• Back Testing
• Forward Testing
• Demo Trading
• Live Trading
Phase 3
Funding Phase
two people shaking hands
• Prop Funding Trials
• Prop Funding Challenges
• Securing Funding

Your pathway towards becoming a Funded & most importantly consistent trader is split into 3 different phases.

Your journey to becoming a Funded and importantly, a consistent trader is split into three distinct stages. We hold a firm belief that a span of one year or 12 months is sufficient to induce a life-altering change, and hence, this roadmap for our members has been conceived based on this 12-month timeline.

Phase One

The initial phase is characterized as the “Progressive Learning phase,” during which you will gradually immerse yourself in the wealth of course content provided by SMT FX. We emphasize “Progressive Learning” to highlight the importance of time and patience in honing your craft.

Phase Two

The following phase, referred to as the “Implementation Phase,” involves applying the knowledge acquired during the first phase and testing it out in the markets. By practicing with a demo account, you’ll experience the process of executing a trade and monitoring its trajectory in real-time.

Phase Three

The concluding phase is the “Funding Phase.” After the arduous months of learning and implementation, it’s finally time to leverage your skills to secure funding through various proprietary funding firms, catapulting your trading journey to the next level. Securing funding can empower you to trade full-time, thus making a living out of it.

This restructured and revitalized plan is set on the premise of a year-long transformative journey to evolve into a financially-backed and consistent trader, designed meticulously with strategic stages. Offering the potential to unlock a wealth of funded capital, the program opens opportunities for exponential growth into a six-figure income and beyond.

Our well-crafted guide, a blend of collective wisdom and proven successes, paves the way for practical expectations and preparedness for the upcoming challenges. Despite our community’s relative novelty, a plethora of members have already procured impressive funding within a year, proving its feasibility.

To give you a realistic income forecast, here’s a potential income scenario from standard-sized funded accounts with a 10R monthly return, highly achievable for an SMT FX trader:

10R / % on 50k = 5,000/month

10R / % on 100k = 10,000/month

10R / % on 200k = 20,000/month

10R / % on 300k = 30,000/month

10R / % on 400k = 40,000/month

Can you envision the drastic financial transformation this could lead to?

Even half of this at 5R months, still within reach with our proven strategy, could result in a significant shift in your fiscal status.

Our unique, effort-centric strategy could potentially equip you with a skillset capable of unlocking a substantial income, contingent on your ambitions. Visualization of your fiscal goals and formulating a potent driving force can fuel your journey towards expertise.

The journey involves deep engagement with our course content, practical application of learned content, and seeking help when needed. Our monthly membership package equips you with everything needed for a triumphant trading journey and continues to be enriched each month, driven by your invaluable feedback.

As your mentors, your success is our joy. Our mission is to ensure that you become a confident, consistent, and funded trader within the upcoming 12 months. Every week, our members secure consistent profits and funding, and we aim to achieve the same for you.

Let’s unite to actualize this vision. Begin by immersing yourself in the course content, and soon find yourself warmly welcomed into our supportive Discord community!

If you believe you can change your life by learning how to trade, take the first step.