Becoming a Funded Trader by following the SMT FX Roadmap

A step-by-step roadmap towards becoming a funded trader

SMT FX Roadmap

Phase 1
Progressive Learning Phase
• Hyper Learning
• Creation of Course notes
• Check-ins with Coaches


Phase 2
Implementation Phase
woman in black and white striped long sleeve shirt standing near glass window
• Back Testing
• Forward Testing
• Demo Trading
• Live Trading
Phase 3
Funding Phase
two people shaking hands
• Prop Funding Trials
• Prop Funding Challenges
• Securing Funding

Your pathway towards becoming a Funded & most importantly consistent trader is split into 3 different phases.

We strongly believe that anyone can change their lives within the timespan of 1 year / 12 months, which is why this roadmap for our members is created based on a 1 year timeline.

Phase 1

The First phase will be the “Progressive Learning phase” , where you will be progressively absorbing all of the course content prepared at SMT FX. We strongly iterate on “Progressive Learning” because proper learning takes time & we want you to give yourself enough time to master your craft. 

Phase 2

The Second phase will be the  “Implementation Phase” , this is the phase where you apply what you have learnt over the first phase & test it out in the markets. Through testing & trading with a demo account, you will be able to go through the motion of actually placing a trade & watching it as it moves. 

Phase 3

The Final phase will be the “Funding Phase”. After all the hard work put throughout the months, it is finally time to put them to good use to obtain funding through various prop funding firms to take your trading to the next level. Funding will allow you to trade full-time & make a living out of it. 

If you believe you can change your life by learning how to trade, take the first step.