Hyper Learning Methodology

SMT FX Hyper Learning Methodology

We simplify your learning process through a step-by-step process

What is the SMT Hyper Learning Methodology?

This is a methodology specifically designed to help our members approach our course in an orderly fashion. This ensures every member is kept on the right track by following a step-by-step process that has been proven to work. By doing so, we are able to let members prove to themselves that they are capable enough to become consistently profitable traders. Below, you will find our detailed approach on how you SHOULD approach the course to continue on the path towards becoming a funded trader as per the roadmap.

Step 1

The first step is to go through the full course once, note down all your questions you have the first time. Then watch the full course again once more & create notes along the way. Check if you were able to understand the list of questions you had the first time you watched it. Chances are, most of the questions you may have had clicked & you’ve answered them yourself! If you do have any doubts at the end of the 2nd round of going through the course, then you , MUST approach the the mentors immediately to clear them out. We cannot emphasize enough, that if you have questions it is important you clear it because you may be holding onto a wrong approach in your mind & that
in-turn will show through your trades & chart work.

This process of learning is something that has been tested & it has proven to work effectively with our members. By watching the course twice, it gives you sufficient time to absorb the information presented at hand as well as to pick on points you may have missed the first time you watched it.

Step 2

The second step as soon as you’ve understood the concepts well, is to understand & analyse the charts put out by the mentors. Read through the chart work posted & go back to your charts and mark them up yourself. Understand the idea behind why the trade was taken as well as why & how price moved in a certain manner. Then remove all the drawings on the chart & using the Replay tool, mark up the charts again & talk yourself through what price is doing as do you so.

This practice, subconsciously programs your mind to understand & remember the specific things you look for on your charts as you trade in the future. When you repeat something over and over again you start building a habit, in this case we want you to build the habit of marking up your charts & also following the Rule-based  system we have created.

Step 3

The third step is to master each concept at a time. Now that you have built an understanding of all the concepts taught as well as the ability to spot trades based on our Rule-based  system, it is now time to master each concept at a time. By putting your focus on each concept taught, it allows you to understand & master the ins & outs of each concept. This allows you to understand what scenario each concept works best in & where they don’t. 

By doing so, you are able to narrow down specific scenarios where these concepts work hand in hand every time in the markets. This allows you to use the rule based system efficiently because you know exactly what you’re looking for as well as what scenarios work best in terms on taking these trades. 

Step 4

The forth step is to do test your understanding & apply them to the markets. There are 2 types of testing we believe are vital in gaining some experience in terms of building your reaction time & clarity of mind when taking these trades. The first type is Back-Testing, this involves you utilising the replay tool to go to a later date & play price forward and look for trades that meet our Rule-based  system. This allows you actually see how price moves whilst you mark your chart up. The second type is Forward-Testing, this involves you actually placing paper trades on the live markets, this gives you experience in the live markets as well as a rough understanding of the emotions that run through your mind as you mark your charts up.

Step 5

The fifth step is to find a trading buddy who’s on the same page as you in terms of where you are with your trading. This we feel is very important as it includes interactivity throughout your journey. Trading does NOT have to be a lonely journey, it can involve another person who’s working towards the same goal of being a funded trader. It also allows you to keep each other accountable, it may be keeping each other in check when one of you is emotional trading, revenge trading or even taking the wrong trades! Your trading buddy will keep you in check & correct you on things you may not even see yourself.