Beginning of SMT FX

Beginning of SMT FX

How it all started

23rd Feb • 4 min read

My name is Chris, and I started SMT FX in September 2021 with 1 goal in mind… make trading as simple as possible for people wanting to learn to trade the Forex Market.  Neith joined me in October to help build SMT FX into what it is today.

I wanted to share my trading journey to explain what led me to where I am today.

My trading journey began in 2015 when I tried to buy Bitcoin with no knowledge of how to trade or buy assets on the financial markets.  What I failed to do, was actually buy Bitcoin from a crypto exchange, and instead opened a buy position on a CFD broker.  The following day, I saw my account was doubled, and feeling over confident, I decided to hold on and ride bitcoin to the moon.  Instead as it was a leveraged position, my account was eventually blown.

Feeling disheartened and confused by this, I decided to research why my account went to zero.  As I began to learn what mistakes I had made, I became more and more interested in trading.  Through my Google searches, I found myself getting hounded with ads on social media for signals and other rubbish.  Being a very cautious person, I was very dubious about these adverts, but 1 signal provider stood out and I decided to try it on a demo account before using real money.  

From here I found I was losing money once again, and started to feel like trading forex wasn’t realistic.  In 1 last attempt before throwing in the towel, I decided to learn and see if I can figure out how to turn this into an extra source of income.

From here I discovered all the basic trading methods, like trend lines, patterns etc, but something just didn’t sit right with me.  I wasn’t satisfied with price moving just because a pattern formed, or because it touched a trend line.  Luckily I was introduced to Smart Money Concepts.  The idea resonated with me as it makes sense that there was a specific reason the markets moved and the theory behind the banks and large institutions being the ones in control.

I started to learn from ICT as most people probably do, but I found it extremely difficult to follow the lessons. I then found a community that taught SMC and this is where things started to fall into place.  I discovered a few things I didn’t like within the community and decided to move on.  I found another community and the same thing happened.  By this point I had been a part of multiple communities and learnt many variations of how people trade SMC.

Neith and I, had met in one of the communities and we quickly realised we had very similar trading styles and work ethic, so we decided to help each other learn as much as possible & that was when SMT started out subconsciously.

As we learnt over the years, we found that so many educators made trading seem complicated just to be able to put out new content. This didn’t sit well with us. We approached our trading strategy to keep it as simple as we possibly could, and to remove the doubt and stress. For us this meant creating a strategy with rules. If these rules were not met during our analysis, we will not take the trade. If they were met, we would trade, Simple!

This has helped us remain psychologically robust with our trading and remove emotions, which has aided in our ability to achieve funding via FTMO and My Forex Funds.

We wanted to bring this simplicity and success we’ve had with trading and create a community of like minded traders. And SMT FX was born.