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Alextradez , SMT FX Team Member

11th April • 3 min read

Who is Alex?

As you guys know, my nickname is Alex, I am 24 years old. I started trading when I was in my third year of college, which was roughly 3 years ago. I had absolute no knowledge about trading, and all I wanted is to get rich quick! So I started first by joining different signals providers and just trade with big lot size. Blowing a lot of accounts, losing money I could not afford to lose.

Then I wanted to learn how to trade, so I joined multiple communities and started to learn technical and fundamental analysis. It was too much noise in the chart for me, and I wanted the easy way out. I tried telegram copier for the signals again, and nothing had no success. I do not think I lasted more than 2 weeks with one strategy. I was jumping from one strategy to another.

Crypto Phase

My buddy talked to me but I did not listen at all. I stopped trading to focus on baseball. After some time I got involved in option trading, this was 2020. I learned the course and everything but did not like it. Then 2021 I fell in the world of crypto.

I start holding and selling crypto, meme coins and so on. I got back in touch with an old friend of mine, and he taught me Smart money concept. I started having more success and I like it. But as you know, after 2/3 weeks, I switched back to technical analysis by joining a community. I tried it for 1/2 weeks and I quit it. I went back to SMC, because I liked how simple it is and wanted to make it my own way.

Joining SMT FX

So I started implementing it in my own way, which is for scalp, which is what I like because I am a pro baseball player + a developer at the moment and I do not like to sit and stare at the chart or to have a trade running for hours. Early this year I made a commitment to myself to stick to SMC, my buddy thought I was gonna quit and changed strategy again. Things got way easier, when I joined SMT FX.

I got alot of guidance from Neith and Chris. I talked more often with Neith and consider him my mentor. I went deep into the course, his charts, trying to read his mind ( I am a very analytical person) and put deep work. Backtest etc! 

Joining SMT was a blessing for me, beside the mentors, even the members helped and it is a great community to be part of! Currently I am still doing SMC, and I am part of SMT FX. Trying to help members as much as I can, in the mean time, I am also improving myself, focusing on my strength and improving my weakness. Risk management is something I’m personally working on at the moment to maximise my profits & minimise my losses!

This is because I want to quit my work right now! But I have manage to control my emotions better, and have more patience. Understanding that patience is power. and the way we trade, you only need one trade a day. I am journaling and being analytical into my approach, creating my rules to be more profitable


Everyone is different of course, but some things to have in mind:

Be Patient! It is a marathon, not a sprint! small steps

Be Hungry! Be eager to learn, to improve, to develop your plan as much it will work FOR YOU

Be discipline! Follow your plan, stick to your rules, backtest! keep practicing, keep study!

Be hopeful! You have to see yourself having success before it happens!

Trust your edge! Believe in yourself! trust your practice!

Be committed! Similar to being disciplined! but it is more to stick to your plan, to your strategy! to your community!

Be open! Ask question when you are not sure! and be open to criticism!